Whether you’re only in the city for a quick meeting or here for a week-long conference, the Secure Ride Share Club can arrange business transport to make sure you’re on time, every time.

Our dedicated platform will match your profile to that of a registered driver in the area – making sure it’s safe, secure and affordable.

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Looking for reliable, safe and secure transport to take your kids to school and bring them back home? Rest assured that all our drivers are pre-checked and registered with us to ensure security. A Secure Ride Share Club carpool can ease your mind while surprise you with it affordability.

We supply an updated suggested rate card to both our passengers and our registered drivers to ensure a fair and reasonable fee.



Are you unable to drive or don’t own a vehicle anymore? Do you need a ride to the mall or the doctor once a week? Secure Ride Share Club will match a registered driver in your area with your needs. Take the hassle out of doing grocery shopping or simply meeting your friend for a cup of coffee with us. Register online today.



Do you find yourself in a foreign country or even just a different town? By registering online with Secure Ride Club, we will take care of your transport and accommodation needs. Whatever your needs, we will do our very best to match you with safe, secure and affordable options for both transport and accommodation.